BONGO+ is a United Kingdom wide SMS message information service. It is the latest way to get information delivered to you mobile phone, instantly! It works on all mobile phone networks in the UK, as well as when you’re roaming overseas.

Using BONGO+ is so simple, anyone over 16 & with bill payer’s permission can use it! BONGO+ is here to give you the answers to your questions when you need them, instantly.

All you have to do is text message a question to 68666 and BONGO+ will deliver the answer straight to your mobile phone within a few minutes. And the best part about it is that the total service (including tax and all texts) only costs £2.50 on all networks (O2 £1.50 MSG sent, £1/ MSG received) per question!

1. Work out your question and what you want to know.
2. Type it into a text message on your mobile phone.
3. Send the text message to 68666.
4. You will usually receive your answer within a few minutes.

This service will cost £2.50/MSG sent on all networks (O2 £1.50 MSG sent, £1/ MSG received). The charge will be billed to your mobile phone account.

You must be over 16 and have bill payer’s permission to use BONGO+ because it is available on every mobile phone network. So don’t stress if you’re not with one of the big networks, you can still use BONGO+ when you want to.

So whether you need to know how to get somewhere, what the footy score is, how to dump your boyfriend, or what the meaning of life is, just send a text to 68666. Thank God for BONGO+!